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Donation Request Form

Thank you for thinking of Titan Fitness to donate to your cause. We just want to know more about your event and if it matches with our beliefs and passion. Fill out the questionnaire below to apply for a donation and we'll review it and if it makes sense for us to donate, we'll be happy to participate.
First, let me explain to you how family-owned small businesses, like ours, think about donations. We sincerely want to help everybody, however you have to understand that we get approached by hundreds of people, organizations, community events, etc each year asking us to donate...and we try to help as much as we can.

But you should also understand it from a business' point of view too so you'll know if asking us to donate makes sense. 

Most small businesses, like ours, need to get new customers and take care of our existing customers and by donating to your event, that's one of the most important factors that we consider...can this bring in new customers for our business?

That's why we primarily donate only in Hewitt, Lorena and Robinson...because that's where our customers live.

We also typically only donate to events where the organizers or many of the participants are current customers of ours...if you're just looking for a handout and really have no interest in our business, then our answer is probably no.

Some events that we like to support:

  • Nutrition and fitness activities for kids
  • Supporting our Armed Services
  • Local Disaster Relief

Here are some events we prefer NOT to sponsor:

  • School trips
  • Sporting events
  • Individuals
  • Team sponsorship

There's nothing wrong with any of those events...we've just found that it's not the best use of our sponsorship dollars to make the most impact for our community and to grow our business.

If you can learn anything from this letter from me to you as you approach other businesses to donate, if you can help business owners/managers grow their business, then the likelihood that we will donate goes WAY UP!

After you complete this online application, we will review your submission and get back to you if we need additional information.

If you have any other information you'd like to send us to support this application, please email it to info@TitanFitnessOnline.com and make sure to reference this submitted application.

 Best of luck on your event and we look forward to working with you!

Titan Fitness

Donation request forms must be completed online here only for consideration. No phone calls or unsolicited office visits, please. If your application is incomplete, it will not be considered.